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A List of the Christian-Owned Companies That Have Godly Values

 Finding a company that embraces Christianity values is hard to come by in the recent days. The society has been deprived of its morals by the current generation where some don’t care on the way the lead their life. However there are companies that are present in the market that have values that conform to the ethical standards that should be followed by all. When you are in the United States and are interested in getting a Christian based company here is a guide that can help you. Forever twenty one is a renowned fashion store that offers a large variety of clothing. Here you are likely to find a wide range of clothing such as shoes, bags and even makeup. The prices here are very affordable that leads to a lot of people shopping here. Despite all this, the shop is actually Christian owned and this is evident as there are imprints of bible verses on the plastic bags that you are going to find in the shop. Mary Kay is a famous cosmetic brand at that was built to help women understand that they are beautiful creations of God. The owner who built this brand due to this reason has been motivated since the inception and attributes her success to God. You should try out their products as you shop for the next beauty products or cosmetics. Interstate batteries may not have the look of a Christian based company but it actual is. The purpose of the company as well as the values is all based on Christianity hence making it to the list. Some of the words are quoted from the bible thus giving the workers are set of motivation from the bible. Tyson foods at are another Christian based family that you can find in the states. The owner set up the company in the early years with the intention of employing chaplains who offer some motivation and encourage their team members. The also conduct some prayer sessions with them so as to lead a good life. The company has so far employed a couple of chaplains into its chaplaincy program that was established by john Tyson the initial founder. Hobby lobby is an art and crafts chain store that also has some Christian values. The company donates a lot of money in donations and also involves their customers in this good work by offering them some discount. You may further read about religion, go to